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dataserv group is a privately owned organisation, headquartered in the UK and working in partnership across Europe with businesses, public sector institutions and government agencies.

World governments are making enormous commitments to increase the rate at which carbon emissions are reduced, and IT has been identified as a key factor in this process. This puts companies like dataserv right at the vanguard of the sustainability battle, 'balancing the green books' between retiring old equipment - with the net emissions reduction created by newer, greener replacements - and the actual cost to the environment that processing the old equipment will create.

Whilst doing that, we protect our customers from the security liabilities of legacy data associated with the disposal and re-assignation of redundant IT equipment, as well as the administrative, environmental, and legislative headaches. We help our customers turn these liabilities into a positive benefit, managing the eradication of data, secure disposal and redeployment of their computer equipment through our own integrated, comprehensive engineering and redistribution services.

Our EMEA wide (Europe Middle East & Africa) infrastructure includes logistical, environmental, technical and legislative experts, specialist refurbishment and tear-down installations, bespoke services, discreet facilities and fleets of vehicles. It stretches from the UK, across Eastern Europe and down into South Africa. In the last 12 months Dataserv has managed the secure disposal of over 500,000 individual assets, 50,000 tons of electronic scrap (WEEE) and more than 1.5 million printer cartridges for 2,500 separate organizations in more than 30 countries across EMEA.

Dataserv group works with our partners to develop a number of specialized, proven and integrated processes, implemented by a network of collection, audit, refurbishment, breakdown and recycling installations across Europe. These installations work to maximize the value of salvageable assets and render unwanted equipment and consumables into downstream fractions as specified within the European Waste Electrical and Equipment Directive, thereby safeguarding and protecting our environment.

All dataserv processes have been created to help ensure peace of mind and to ensure businesses, public sector institutions and government agencies around Europe receive maximum benefit from their retired IT resources, and protection from its environmental, legislative and security liabilities. As a Europe-wide network we remain constantly vigilant on our customers’ behalf, staying on top of new energy-saving and ecological initiatives, as well as legislative changes.

dataserv ensures that we and our customers are aware of, and able to comply with, all local and European initiatives, certification and legislation related to the secure disposal and redistribution of used IT equipment, including WEEE, Sarbanes Oxley, SEAP, Basel ll, HIPAA, FISMA, FACT, ACT. We are members of all relevant professional bodies including ICER and co-founder of the StEP (Solving the e-waste problem) organization hosted by the United Nations.