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dataserv is the platinum standard solution to protect your business, your customers and your staff against the dangers associated with data leakage. Whether dataserv's portable erasure device is on-site - at your convenience to erase report and provide a certifiable audit of your outgoing assets - or your equipment is securely transported for data eradication at our premises, you can be sure the interests of your business, your staff and the public are fully protected.

dataserv uses Blancco's world-leading approved data erasure software. As the pioneer and leader in certified data erasure, Blancco is committed to the highest quality products with more than ten national and international third party approvals, certifications and recommendations as follows:

Certified for Common Criteria (ISO 15408)

Certified for Common Criteria (ISO 15408)
Common Criteria is an internationally recognized independent security certification recognized by governments in 26 countries across Europe, Australasia, Asia and North America. Based on Common Criteria’s global requirements, ANSSI (French Network and Information Security Agency) certified Blancco erasure software to one of the highest levels of any data erasure software ever evaluated, validating that it fulfills all requirements for security properties. This thorough, independent evaluation matched the stringent criteria for all information security products that are granted a Common Criteria EAL 3+ certification. Certified version:
  • Blancco Erasure Software 5.1.0

Certifications around the world

Communications-Electronics Security Group
Blancco HMG Software is certified by the Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG), the UK Government’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance. The product exceeded the highest security specifications detailed in the HMG Infosec Standard No: 5. Certified versions:
  • Blancco HMG v4.10
  • Blancco HMG v4.8
  • Blancco Data Cleaner 3.7r1
  • Blancco Data Cleaner v3.3r7
Netherlands National Communication Security Agency
The Dutch AIVD (General Intelligence and Security Service) has certified and approved Blancco for Dutch Governmental use up to and including Secret classification. Certified versions:
  • Blancco Software 4.10.NL
  • Blancco – Data Cleaner v4.8 NL
  • Blancco – Data Cleaner v4.701 NL
  • Blancco – Data Cleaner v4.4 NL
  • Blancco – Data Cleaner v4.2R2
The Norwegian National Security Authority
The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) approved Blancco HMG Software for the erasure of hard disks intended for declassification and release for commercial use. Blancco software erases all existing data, including data at Confidential, Secret and Top Secret security levels. Certified versions:
  • Blancco HMG v4.5
  • Blancco Data Cleaner v3.3r7
Swedish Armed Forces
Blancco data erasure software is certified by the Swedish Armed Forces, providing solid assurance that our Scandinavian and Nordic customers are using the best data erasure solution available. Certified versions:
  • Blancco Pro v4.8
Central Information Systems Security Division
Blancco software is certified and recommended by the DCSSI (Central Information Systems Security Division under the authority of the French General Secretary for National Defense). Blancco has the only data erasure software certified in France. Certified version:
  • Blancco – Data Cleaner v4.8
Refurbished (reused) Information Technology Equipment Association
Blancco is certified by the Japanese body Refurbished (reused) Information Technology Equipment Association. Certified version:
  • Blancco – Data Cleaner v4.10
The Polish Internal Security Agency
The ABW is the Polish special service responsible for protection of the country’s internal security and its constitutional order. Blancco is the only data erasure software certified by Polish authorities. Certified version:
  • Blancco – Data Cleaner v4.2r1
Secretaria de la Funcion Publica (Mexican Government)
Secretaria de la Funcion Publica (Ministry of Public Administration) certified Blancco as an official federal government supplier. Blancco is the only data erasure software company with a Mexican office that is certified by Mexican authorities.

Approvals and recommendations

Blancco’s secure data erasure products are recommended by NATO and included in the prestigious NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue (NIAPC). Blancco worked closely with NATO to achieve this recommendation and inclusion in NIAPC, which is provided to NATO military partners and Partnership for Peace program members. Certified version:
  • Blancco Data Cleaner v.4.5 HMG
TÜV – Süd
TÜV SÜD endorses Blancco Mobile Edition (for the following platforms: Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile). Approved version:
  • Blancco Mobile Edition 1.1.31
TÜV SÜD also endorses Blancco Data Cleaner for storage media, noting that it is “appropriate to safely and irrecoverably erase the data on all popular types of hard drives.” Approved version:
  • Blancco – Data Cleaner v4.7
The Defence INFOSEC Product Co-Operation Group of the UK
The Defence INFOSEC Product Co-Operation Group (DIPCOG) of the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has granted Blancco its certificate DAC/0019. Due to the high standards required the MoD set special security specifications based on CESG’s standards. Blancco is currently the only DIPCOG approved data erasure product and is highly recommended for use within the UK’s MoD. Approved products:
  • Blancco HMG v4.10
USA Department of Defense
Blancco meets and exceeds the DoD’s recommended data erasure approach for overwriting “all addressable locations,” as defined in the US DoD NISPOM (National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual).

National Security Agency
The Czech Republic’s National Security Authority (Národní bezpecnostní úrad) has recommended Blancco after conducting an evaluation of Blancco products and setting conditions for the products’ usage in the area of national classified information.
  • Blancco - Client Software
    • Blancco Data Cleaner+, Version: 4.8 HMG
    • Blancco – Pro, Version: 4.8 HMG
    • Blancco PC Edition, Version: 4.9 HMG
  • Blancco - File Shredder, Version 7.7.