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London, 30th September 2009
See our 5 steps to becoming IT greener!

Did you know that the ICT carbon Foot print is comparable to that in aviation?

Everyone using IT at work or at home can make small carbon savings with resulting cost benefits.

1 - Ensure that your printer is on sleep mode at night and weekends

2 - Reduce the number of printers in your workplace and increase the number of functions it can perform (print, scan, fax,etc.,) Freeing up space, saving energy, maintenance, and reducing useless copies!

3 - Turn off your PC at night, but also during lunch breaks and meetings.

4 - Retire at least 10% of your energy consumptive products and replace with carbon careful products.

5 - It takes 450 years for a print cartridge to decompose in landfill - Think carefully before you print.
17th September 2009
Dataserv MD and CSR Directors attend 'Government ICT goes green 09'

Dataserv is dedicated to ensuring we meet and exceed all green standards set by the UK Government departments.

At 'Government ICT goes green 09' we saw disturbing material endorsing and further re-enforcing our policy against sending our waste to third world countries.
15th July 2009
What's very green and can't get lost? - The latest Dataserv vehicle fleet

Dataserv is upgrading and updating its trucks in the UK, broadening our GPS transport infrastructure, ensuring that our fleet are the best of breed in terms of carbon efficiencies and secure standards in equipment transportation.
28th June 2009
Dataserv opens new recycling facility in Italy

Dataserv Italy has acquired a new recycling facility in St. Ippolita, near Bologna in Italy. The plant will service the disposal needs of our WEEE and corporate clients, trading as Dataserv Italia Srl., The company is now wholly owned by Dataserv Group, following the purchase of the remaining shares in the business in May this year.
17th February 2009
Dataserv announces new data eradication services

With the launch of Datasafe, Dataserv introduces both on-site and off-site data eradication services to guarantee your business, your customers and staff are kept free from the security liabilities of legacy data on redundant and recyclable hard disks and storage media.
London, 05th March 2009
Where old computers go to die

Where do computers go to die? - BusinessGreen's James Murray talks to Dataserv's MD, Neal Saunders
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