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A typical Case Study
'Compuser' followed a recommendation from one of our regular customers and asked us to tender for managing retired IT assets from their business.

We assessed the extent of their ongoing upgrade programme and prepared a document, outlining how we would be able to the help them realise maximum benefit from retired CPUs, printers and screens. It was then calculated approximately what they could hope to put against their costs over a typical twelve month period.

dataserv were awarded the contract after presenting; references and certifications (demonstrating our ability to comply with local legislation); our recognition of financial implications and because of our ability to provide a total solution.

Whenever the company's equipment is due to be replaced our personnel visit, collate, mark, remove and securely transport the equipment back to our warehouse, where it enters our audit trail. After complete data eradication, equipment that is saleable is cleaned, serviced and stored in our warehouse for later resale. As equipment is sold 'Compuser' is credited with the net worth of the equipment against the costs of our services.

Equipment that is not salvageable is sent to our processing plant for destruction and breakdown to ecologically compliant materials for recycling. A quarterly report details movement of equipment and catalogues where the equipment is finally re-assigned or destroyed.