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Compliance Security
A unique feature of dataserv is that it owns the entire lifecycle process, thus are the only company to offer such a “full cradle to grave” solution that is fully compliant. The weee recycling and downstream processes are managed by dataserv recycling thereby providing clients with a full suite of e-lifecycle services.

Compliance should come from a Group which takes ownership and manages the entire process: EEE market placement reporting, asset management and reuse, recycling and producer compliance services.

The benefits are:

  • single source supply with all e-lifecycle services under one group vendor
  • combined solution provides economies of scale
  • cost reduction with assured provision at all stages
Imagine implementing a full design, build and marketing programme for a potentially successful new technology, only to find that production processes and materials usage conflicted with environmental directives, or that the liabilities associated with recycling the equipment rendered it unmarketable.

These issues are becoming increasingly important as European directives place more and more pressure on producers to comply. Here are just a few:

  • WEEE or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Probably the most important and widespread directive throughout all 29 EU and EEA member states. Any manufacturer of Electrical Equipment is required to properly label, take back, recycle and dispose of products and equipment. They are also responsible for comprehensive registration and reporting throughout product lifecycles.
  • EuP - Energy using Products is a new European Union directive covering product design. It was created to guarantee that equipment has been designed to comply for the full product lifecycle, from the acquisition of raw materials through manufacture, to eventual disposal.
  • Batteries Directive - has been in force for over 16 years. Many countries insist that battery disposal is managed responsibly.
  • Eco-Labelling - Companies are expected to promote social responsibility and compliance in manufacturing environmentally safe products with specific labeling and certification.
  • RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances. This covers electrical and electronic equipment in all 25 European Union member states, and other countries across the world. Producers are now required by law not to include many materials in new product manufacture.
Working with dataserv means that your organization is advised and forewarned of potential issues associated with the production and marketing of high tech equipment.

It means that both you and your customers are protected from the liabilities associated with end of life recycling and disposal of product.
Your organistaion can maintain its focus on building the business, assured in the knowledge that the environment as well as the brand is protected. Compliance and success can and do go hand in hand with dataserv.