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dataserv-datasafe's professional team of technicians will provide a full data sanitisation service. Using our own portable unit which uses Blancco software as our eradication process (DoD standard wipe, UK CESG, US Government approved), we'll completely eradicate all traces of data from each HDD. This system will provide a hard copy evidentiary proof of the successful completion of the process. It is not possible after this process to obtain any data either by Hexviewer or Forensic Attack. For any HDD which fails this process, dataserv-datasafe provides an on site deguasser for total obliteration of all data on the faulty HDD.

You can be 100% certain that the data on your hard drives has been completly erased, even before the asset leaves your premises.

Once completely clear of data, items are either remarketed or broken down and recycled at dataserv.

  • On-site sanitisation can be implemented on a one-off or periodic basis.
  • Out of office hours services can be arranged on request.
  • Datasafe provides admin personnel to manage back office and reporting criteria.
  • Reports include:- Asset track and product log, audit, as well as remarketing/proceeds, recycling and downstream material reports (includes access to online GOA system for mass balance reports).
  • dataserv is an approved Blancco partner (
  • dataserv can provide lock boxes for small devices (memory sticks, Blackberry’s etc.,) which can then be put through any of the option processes.
  • dataserv welcomes impromptu and planned inspection audits of our facilities and processes.