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dataserv will collect and pack IT assets from your facility by vetted personnel and our own satellite tracked vehicles, transporting them direct to one of our warehouse processing facilities.

Our secure transport is deployed empty from our headquarters and returns directly with your catalogued, bar-coded equipment under maximum security 'mission' conditions - No stops, no additional haulage, all our own security vetted personnel.

We then conduct the full data sanitisation service on your equipment through three full production lines working three shifts a day under strict quarantine conditions and constant CCTV supervision.

dataserv uses Blancco's world-leading CESG and DoD approved data erasure software and operates with PC, Laptop and Intel Server Technology.

Over 600 computer drive erasures can be performed in any one day, based on 3 X 8 hour shifts, single wipe of 20GB HDD.

Once completely clear of data, items are either remarketed or broken down and recycled at dataserv Recycling Limited.

Ongoing tracking of the complete eradication process culminates in a full report of activities, findings and the final destination of the clean hardware and/or recycled material.

In the light of increased threats from media escaping into the public domain, throughout the process our facilities and your equipment will be under 24/7 protection from unbreachable perimeter fence, guards, wand test for visitors and staff and dense CCTV coverage.