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At each dataserv asset recovery facilities the complete process adheres to standardised policies and procedures in order to maintain a unique process audit which is 100% identical across EMEA. Upon reception of the retired IT assets at the dataserv facility the process can be broken down to the following key areas:

  1. recording of equipment

    • for each personal computer, notebook, monitor and printer dataserv records the manufacturer, model number, serial number and property / asset tag number
    • for all other items dataserv records the serial number, property / asset tag number and a description sufficient to identify the item

  2. sorting of equipment

    • dataserv sorts the material based on the possible resale opportunity of the equipment

  3. refurbishing and data cleaning

    • dataserv removes all customer property / asset tags from the material
    • dataserv will perform either total data eradication or physical destruction of each hard drive received

  4. re-distribution

  5. recycling

    • equipment that fails the functional or cosmetic test will be recycled
    • dataserv recycles the used equipment in such a manner as to meet local, country and EU requirements and guidelines