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Global, IT-assisted take-back solutions for various applications – create added value for your customers and boost sales and revenue. All our web based systems are developed in-house, which allows us to offer fully customisable solutions.

Data security is one of our top priorities. We guarantee a secure handling of all sensitive data and meet the highest national and international security standards.

The following devices can be deleted through a certified and 100% secure data deletion process: PCs, Notebooks, Servers, Smartphones, Tablets (further devices on request)

Cash Back Programmes

Create a positive customer experience during the pre-purchase phase – offer additional incentives to buy and establish relationships with your customers from the start.

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Trade-in Programmes

Offer purchase programmes for used electronic equipment. Increase the purchasing power of your customers and thus achieve a shortening of sales cycles.

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Return Programmes

Provide your customers with a secure and fully compliant return option for redundant electronic equipment.

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